domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

Letra 145: Tell Me de Cristina Valentina


Happy state of mind, I miss you
for a thousand miles, been longing for you
everything´s better when you´re ´round the house
Happy state of mind, my love
Been looking out for you, where are you hiding honey?
I promise this time will be ours
Been calling out your name, wont you come back to me?
I promise, baby, this time, if you, come to me, its gonna be true
Found you in the haze of a shattered light,
only my baby can hold me tight,
its when I dont need to do everything right,
but most times youre gone
Making me feel this is only a game,
crazy because there is so much at stake
havent decided which road to take yet,
cause most times youre gone
Happy state of mind, we were so young
every other day just needed a escape
stop paying attention to confusing conventions
happy state of mind, i know ...
All, all i want, is to have you by my side
there´ll be nothing i could do, that wont keep me satisfied
stay, play along, illl pretend i can abide,
with you, I will make it by
with you, I could even try
with old you by my side...