martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Video 41: Legendary hearts de Lou Reed


Lewis Allen Reed, más conocido como Lou Reed (Brooklyn, Nueva York, 2 de marzo de 1942 – Southampton, Estado de Nueva York, 27 de octubre de 2013), fue un cantante y compositor de rock, considerado el padre del rock alternativo, primero como líder del grupo The Velvet Underground y luego en solitario. Enormemente influyente en la cultura pop desde la década de 1960, sus principales discos son Transformer (1972), Berlin (1973), Rock'n'Roll Animal (1976), Live: Take No Prisoners (1978), New York (1989) y, para un primer acercamiento, la grabación del soberbio concierto que ofreció en el Meltdown Festival: Perfect Night Live in London.


Legendary hearts
tearing up apart
with stories of their love
their great transcendent loves
While we stand here and fight
and lose another night
of legendary love

Legendary loves
haunt me in my sleep
promises to keep
I never should have made
I can't live up to this
I'm good for just a kiss
not legendary love

Romeo, oh, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo
he's in a car or at a bar
or churning his blood with an impure drug
He's in the past and seemingly lost forever

He worked hard at being good
but his basic soul was stained not pure
and when he took his bow
no audience was clapping

Legendary hearts
tear us all apart
make our emotions bleed
crying out in need
No legendary love
is coming from above
it's in this room right now

And you've got to fight
to make what's right
you've got to fight
to make what's right
You've got to fight
to make what's right
you've got to fight to keep your legendary love