jueves, 16 de junio de 2022

Video 663: Operación Overlord. Un excelente vídeo de homenaje al Día D | ImageworX WWII



In 2019 during the 75th commemoration of Operation Overlord, I created historic WWII (photo) reconstructions at the actual battlegrounds in Normandy. In cooperation with passionate Living History groups and the Liberty Jump team I captured scenes and settings based and inspired by Operation Overlord. This video, which is based on footage I took sideways, is to honor all soldiers who fought during WWII and is a tribute to all men and woman who honor and remember these heroes by reliving and reconstructing this important part of history in an authentic, correct way. Men and women: I salute you. This video is a production by Marcel Bahnen, ImageworX. All rights reserved but you are free to share.  

Fuente:ImageworX WWII