domingo, 26 de marzo de 2023

Video 709: ¿Hugo Boss diseñó los uniformes alemanes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial? | Der Jürgen



In 1997, the luxury brand Hugo Boss AG was embroiled in an unprecedented controversy when the media spread the news that the founder of the eponymous brand actively collaborated with the National Socialist German regime through the mass production of military uniforms for the army and various state organizations. Over the years, the news of Boss's collaboration with Hitler's regime was perpetuated to this day, and along with it, gave rise to one of the most widespread rumors in these times, and that is the rumor that Hugo Boss personally designed the SS uniforms and became Hitler's personal tailor. As a result, the brand's Communications Department decided to finance a historical study that would explain the company's origins and delve into its involvement during World War II. Today, we will see the results of the study and discover the real story behind the myth of Hugo Boss and its involvement and collaboration with the National Socialist regime.

Fuente: Der Jürgen