viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Libro: Perune juice


A hefty pitcher of Peruvian culture, fresh from an Englishman who lived it, loved it, slurped it, and gulped it down full. Here, he regurgitates it for your easy pleasure and avid consumption. Paul Timblick, 35, single, dropped out of the rat race to teach English in Peru's second city, Arequipa, in 2001. Peruvian women were quite stunning to his dulled London eyes. But one in particular paralysed him, from waist upwards, thighs downwards, and rear inwards. Timblick set out to ?conquer? her but he was no Spanish conquistador, so he waited. And he waited... During the waiting, wanting, and longing, other stories unfold offering incredible glimpses of Peruvian life, some disturbing, some insane, all based on true events. A dead feminist also lurks, ready to pounce, like a furious guinea pig that just saw its lover get deep-fried. If you have any interest in a) understanding Peru, b) laughing at life (and death), or c) rutting like a llama, this is for YOU. For a typical travelogue, hurry back to the bookstore NOW before you sniff the bitter sweet aroma of Perune Juice. ?So funny, my ears bled.? AUTHOR?S MOTHER ?I've seen funnier.? AUTHOR?S FATHER "Chewy, deeply satisfying.

Autor(es): Paul Timblick
Editorial: Del autor
Páginas: 326
Formato: 13.5 * 20 cm.
Año: 2011
Precio: S/30.00